Fun Features On Skout’s Social Media & Dating App

How do you make friends? If you move to a new city, or if you have ever felt lonely, one of the first things you will want to do is make new friends. It can be tiresome to go through the routine of circling coffee shops, bars or clubs in search of a new person to talk to. There has got to be an easier way to meet new people. We have all tried looking at dating sites or on certain classified websites, but those sites usually require payment. Plus, people on dating sites are only after one thing. I found this article from Adweek recently that talks about this social media and dating website called Skout.

Skout is a free and fun way to meet new people in your area or around the world. People use Skout’s application for all sorts of reasons. You can use it if you want to find new friends online, or you can use it to find new friends in real life. You can even talk to people in other parts of the world. If you are traveling someplace new or just want to learn about other cultures, then this is a great feature for you to try out on Skout.

Using Skout’s Main Features

Skout has some extraordinary main features on its platform that no other dating or social media app has done in the same, great way. Skout’s main screen features a grid of all sorts of people that will meet your interests. You can click on any of their pictures to read about their profile, and you will see what type of person this user is like. You can then choose to send this user a message or to wink at the user.

There are other fun features on Skout that mix up the way you meet people. Try using Skout’s Shake To Chat feature. This feature allows you to talk to a new, random stranger. After 40 seconds of talking to each other, you will be able to see each other’s profiles. Here’s the Advweek article about Skout.

The Innovative Dog Food Industry

A recent wikipedia report revealed that there is a growing obsession with the quality of dog food products. Richard Thompson is one of the CEO is in this growing dog food industry and heads a small gourmet food manufacturing industry. He is obsessed with the quality of dog food products. The dog food products they produce are manufactured with only fresh ingredients and have deliberately avoided using preservatives. To ensure that the products get to the consumers while still buzzing with their flavor, they have limited the time the meat seats on the shelves.


This is just one of the industries in the pet food industry. Purina Store. is the name of the company and is located in in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and is the only one that produces industrial refrigerated pet food on the market. According to an article by Daily Herald, this pet food market is growing fast and is now valued at $23.7 billion. They have been very successful and are winning the hearts of pet owners, and they are willing to spend their money. The quality of the Beneful pet food they are producing is so good and is comparable to the dining room food quality.


One of the benefits of this high-quality pet and dog food they are producing is the nutrition value it has. People are starting to care about what their dogs and pets are eating. This helps to keep them healthy. Some companies are becoming innovative and are offering their customers the option to customize their products. One such company is Nestle’s Purina that has a website that allows pet owners to customize their special blends. These companies are coming up with all kinds of innovations with some producing products that can help dogs lose weight.


Apart from the good flavor that comes from products such as those produced by Freshpet, pet owners also benefit in terms of price. One would expect that the products will be too expensive if bought from Wal-Mart . This is not the case. The prices of these high-quality dog products are about the same price as the canned dog food.


This dog food industry is expected to continue growing as pet owners are becoming more concerned with the health and fitness of their dogs and pets. Like Beneful’s page:


Power of Wikipedia Page on your Business and Personal Branding

Anyone who has ever searched something in Google must have seen a relevant Wikipedia link among the top five results in Google search page. Wikipedia is an online collaborative Encyclopedia and the seven most popular website. Unlike other encyclopedias, it does not hire Wiki writers to create posts; it is an open source site. If it can be used correctly, it can be one of the most effective online marketing tools for your business and even personal branding. To make the website more accessible to users who have trouble reading text on their screens. Wikipedia is working on text-to- speech platforms that will allow users to have texts read aloud to them from Wikipedia pages. It is the first crowd-sourced text-to-speech platforms in the world.

This is big news considering more than 125 million of Wikipedia users per month prefer text read aloud to them. The goal is to have English, Arabic, and Swedish speech engine ready by the year 2017. Eventually, it will offer synthesized speech for almost 300 languages that are supported by the online encyclopedia.
With these developments, Wikipedia will continue to hold a prime position in Google search result, which can be huge for your business and personal branding. When you create of edit a Wikipedia page for your business or brand it can produce significant improvement in your reputation. It can increase the level of authenticity, credibility, and prestige. Provide additional and credible website presence that depicts your personal brand or your business with integrity. Besides, Wikipedia business page creation can result in a significant positive increase in sales and enhance your visibility in search engine results, since your post get automatic SEO boost on Google free of cost.
However, it worth mentioning, while your post can produce all of these benefits, it must follow wiki-writing guidelines to be accepted. Otherwise, your post will be removed. Due to complex guidelines of how to make a Wikipedia page properly, it can be a time consuming and tedious work. The best way to save time, avoid the hassle, and avoid a biased point of views is to hire Wikipedia editors such as those from the service Get Your Wiki. The company has a reputable team of experienced Wikipedia writers that will create and publish your Wikipedia article at a modest fee.
Moreover, the Wikipedia writing company offers monitoring services to your Wikipedia page. Considering that Wikipedia is an open-source community, anyone can edit available information. Although most Wikipedia edits are done with utmost good faith, some edit can be malicious and can harm your business. The company vets any edit a Wikipedia page to ensure every edit is accurate and beneficial. The team can also help translate your Wikipedia page to any language.

Fabletics Talks To Bustle About Athleisure

Fabletics is the most unique athletic brand in the world because it does a lot more than just get women to the gym. Women can get to the gym any time they want, but they have lives to lead outside the gym. Getting dressed in the gym is very hard for some women, and they would go for athleisure if they could. Fabletics was the subject of a new piece on Bustle, and it talks about how it is going to work for women when they get dressed at the gym.

The athleisure that Fabletics on has is something that women can wear from the gym that is not the normal heels that they would wear if they had to bring all their clothes to the gym. This is very nice clothing that flows, and it is not stiff. It is something that a woman can get into easily, and it is going to help them make sure that they are going to look great.

There are a lot of people who are going to jump into their clothes at the gym because they have to run to work or a date after. Getting dressed at the gym is hard because women are showering and getting ready fast, and they need to make sure that they are going to have something that they can put on very fast. There are some other people who need to keep their tights and sports bras on, and the fabric from Fabletics on marieclaire is going to soak up their sweat. This helps women throw their clothes on fast because they do not have to spend hours changing.

Women who want to get ready fast will be able to use the athleisure on that they got from Fabletics, and they will be able to make a change to the way that they make themselves ready for the world. A good workout is going to make a woman look great, but then she has to have nice clothes from Fabletics that will sub for her heels and dress. There is no need to go to the cleaners, and every woman leaves the gym looking great.

Igor Cornelsen Opens the Eyes of Investors

Igor Cornelsen as managed to become one of the most influential people in the world of financial investing. He is a retirement banker, but he still knows quite a bit about the investing in Brazil. He retired from a bank in Brazil and came into America. Igor opened a financial consulting company. He has continued to help tons of clients that are seeking financial counsel, and he has helped many people that have never actually met him in person.

Igor is able to affect so many people because he has tips that are posted on his wordpress blog. Anyone can search for investing tips by Igor Cornelsen and gain wealth of information in a short period of time. This is the way that he has managed to reach a large amount of investors that are looking for the quick and simple tips to get started with their financial portfolio.

Igor Cornelsen has helped many young investors become better at taking chances on stocks outside of America. He has given people insight to index funds for raw materials in Brazil that have great returns on investment.

Igor has also put a lot of heavy emphasis on investing early. He knows that a person starts making investments early will be able to reap the benefits of compound interest and get much better returns as they get older. Cornelsen has become someone that has been able to build a portfolio by including American and Brazilian investments for the best rates of return.

As a banker in Brazil Igor Cornelsen must have seen a variety of different things that boosted the economy in Brazil. He became aware of the different industries and what was actually allowing investors in Latin America to make money. Many people that follow his advice are thankful that he was kind enough to share his perspective on international investing through the trial and error experience that he gained during his life in Brazil.

Many people are ready for this type of advice that gives them information that is different from what they are used to. There are hundreds of books written on investing and budgeting money, but there are very few American investing books that ever mention International investing. The reason for this is that many financial gurus that have been successful in the American market or limited to investments in the United States. They do not have the chance to talk about this because they do not know anything about this. Igor may not have the status of a financial guru in terms of mainstream media, but he is definitely one of the best sources for investing because he adds the same element of international investing that many people are unfamiliar with.

A Week on Wen by Chaz

WEN is a hair care line that has grown in popularity. It’s endorsed by numerous celebrities and created by someone who has worked behind the scenes on some of Hollywood’s biggest names throughout the years.

The idea behind the product line is to cut back on over shampooing. People don’t often dirty their hair and scalp enough in one day to warrant a fresh shampoo each day, it’s actually better for your hair to go a day or two between shampoos to allow the natural oils of the head to soothe the skin and nourish the hair.

Recently a hairdresser, Emily McClure, decided to give the popular brand a try after hearing clients rave about it. She chose Sephora sold Wen Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner and began her journey. After a full day out in the elements, hair dirty and ready for a wash, she began the week long experiment. The first night, after washing and blowing out, she loved her hair. It was shiny and bouncy, and much healthier looking than she ever expected. While in the morning she did find that overnight her roots had gotten very greasy looking, it wasn’t bad and her hair still felt incredible. Day two had similar results, as did day three, when she decided to start washing in the morning instead of in the evening.

The morning wash routine worked much better with the Wen products, and while she didn’t have quite as much body in her hair as she normally did, it felt incredibly healthier and smoother, so well worth the effort. In fact, as the rest of the week went on and she continued the routine, even friends pointed out how healthy and shiny her hair was looking.

By the end of the week, she had made her final thoughts on WEN. It is great for fine hair, adding body, volume, bounce, and shine, but it must be used in the morning rather than in an evening shower. It did work just as promised and was worth the routine change.



Investing In Your Future Through the U.S. Money Reserve

U.S. Money Reserve has the reputation of being the largest and most trustworthy distributors of the United States government issued precious metal coins in the world. The staff of experienced Account Executives is authorities in precious metals, gold, silver and platinum history, including the fluctuating value of precious metals in today’s market. U.S. Money Reserve, headed by Philip N. Diehl, a past Director of the United States Mint. Diehl brought to the United States Money Reserve years of extensive knowledge and experience in the field of precious metals.
USMR has built their clientele totaling over 300,000 and rising. You are encouraged to call USMR at 1-866-MINT-GOLD and speak with one of their highly trained Account Executives about your portfolio. Answering such questions as “Would an investment in gold enhance my portfolio at this time?” or “Where would you suggest I invest more money to balance my portfolio to secure my retirement funds will be there when I retire?” Any inquiry you may make regarding the safeguard of your retirement portfolio should be directed to the team who are experts in precious metals.

A new website reported by PR Newswire for U.S. Money Reservewas launched making individual research of the gold, silver, platinum and coin investments easier. The website has expanded to include a “Knowledge Center” offering historical information and current results of precious metals available to users in the convenience of their home. Additionally, they have added a “Store Front,” allowing clients to purchase via the internet. Simply set up an account with the U.S. Money Reserve, your purchases can be handled from anywhere, and you receive your investment purchase at a convenient location, delivered to the address you desire. Taking possession of your investment gives you the feeling of actual ownership and not a paper collection of your purchases.

Diversification of your portfolio investments and contacting USMR is a smart move in protecting your future and your portfolio. Begin by requesting a comprehensive Gold News Network Information Kit & DVD to help you understand the precious metals market and how to evaluate the information needed for you to make an informed decision. Review the “Knowledge Center” of USMR’s twitter website and gather additional information on today’s prices of precious metals.

There is no time like the present to learn as much about the future of precious metals than in today’s volatile market. Contact an Account Executive now so you can invest in tomorrow.

Pro Clinton Super PAC Backed By George Soros


The 2016 U.S. Presidential election looks set to be one of the wildest in memory, largely due to the inclusion of real estate mogul Donald Trump on the Republican side of the race. The Democrat’s have seen their own nomination season dominated by former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, who is now looking to add to her already large financial backing from donors with hefty donations heading her way from a number of well known backers of her party. Politico reports excitement amongst Democrats is growing with the emergence of George Soros as a major contributor to the Clinton campaign.

The $7 million in donations George Soros has already given to Hilary Clinton’s campaign for the Presidency has been joined by multimillion dollar contributions from other Democrat heavyweights, such as Donald Sussman and Haim Saban, The Hill reports. Despite the large levels of funding provided for the Priorities USA Super PAC by the hedge fund legend the return of Soros is bringing with it a large level of excitement after he sat out the majority of the 2012 election, which saw Barrack Obama win his second term as President.

George Soros is always aware of what is going on in the world in both a political and economic sense and used his skills to remain at the top of the financial industry for more than three decades. The personal fortune created by Soros as the head of his own hedge fund is thought to have reached more than $25 billion; according to a large chunk of the wealth George Soros has built has been used to assist politicians he feels have similar beliefs to his. Soros is known for his backing of the John Kerry campaign in 2004 with $20 million in funding, which was an attempt to halt the second term of President George W. Bush from taking place. Members of the inner circle of former First Lady Hilary Clinton have revealed Soros has expressed his regret at not backing her as the Democrat candidate in 2008; George Soros is thought to have made the choice to back Clinton after being given open door access to her in recent years as she became the front runner for the Presidency in 2016.

Soros dumps oil stocks

George Soros is well known as the man who broke the bank of England when he made a $10 billion bet on the Great British pound and won, earning himself and the investors in his fund a fortune ($1 billion) back in 1992. His reputation has only grown from there as his hedge funds have significantly out performed the market averages dating back to his beginnings running funds back in the 1960s.
When Soros makes a move many investors follow. As such, it is of great concern that Soros’ fund has dumped many of the energy stocks that it has previously held during the first quarter of 2016. The fund that Soros is currently running is not a hedge fund per se, but rather more akin to a private family trust named Soros Fund Management. George Soros announced two years ago that he would be closing his hedge fund and moving towards a family fund investment style as he believes that the opportunity to outperform using a hedge fund structure is limited given the size of the hedge fund that he would need to operate, the limited investment options for a fund of that size, and the instant information that is available to all investors with the advent of the internet.

Reported by The Street, gone from the Soros Fund Management are energy stocks including Chevron, Chesapeake Energy, and NRG Energy, which Soros has fully liquidated. These sales have come at the heels of incredible uncertainty in the energy market with many investors rapidly dumping any energy investment and prices of oil swinging widely, but mostly to the downside.

Oil has been increasingly under pressure due primarily to oversupply of oil as a result of many nations continually producing oil despite limited demand. Oil producing nations like Russia and Saudi Arabia are under pressure from new oil producers like the United States who have increased the supply of oil. Iran, who recently had sanctions lifted against it has also began to put oil on the market and has added to the supply of oil. Iran has about one fifth of the known oil reserves in the world and has so far refused to freeze production of oil, even dumping it onto the market as a way of punishing other producers for the past economic sanctions on it.

Investors have been increasingly uncertain as to the direction that oil takes from here and oil prices are now below $30 per barrel, which is over 70% less than it’s high in 2014. George Soros apparently does not like the market for these energy stocks and has decided he has had enough with them, which does not bode well for other investors holding onto these energy stock positions. Read the full article on The Street.

Nobilis Health Fostering Growth Through Partnerships

Nobilis Health is a facility that manages acute and ambulatory care facilities in order to deliver effective healthcare services. The establishment’s core focus is enhancing access to care as well as patient outcomes by offering minimally invasive processes performed in low cost outpatient settings.

The company utilizes inventive proprietary technologies and direct patient marketing to drive patient education and engagement. So far it manages seven surgical establishments in Scottsdale, Houston and Dallas with contractual partnerships with six other facilities located in New Jersey, Tennessee, Michigan, Oregon and Arizona. It is a Canada based company.

Previously known as Northstar Healthcare, Nobilis Health is a holding in the Pender Value Fund and Pender Small Cap Opportunities Fund and a major contributor to both Funds. The company has made tremendous strides and recorded several milestones over the past few years. This has strategically set Nobilis for increased cash flow and revenue growth. These are good ingredients for attracting more and new investors into the firm.

Among the key milestones include acquisition of Athas Healthcare which has added over sixty million US dollars to the company’s top line something that has proves the company is serious about growth potential. Another milestone for the company is the closing of an acquisition of a Texas hospital group in September, 2014. The hospital holds potential to drive over forty million US dollars worth of revenue each year. This is fifty percent more that the entire corporate revenue of previous years.

To drive its agenda, Nobilis company researches on the best conventional marketing channels like radio and television , mobile phones and social media to identify the best mix of patient education and awareness. Currently these campaigns use a combination of both professional and consumer marketing techniques to identify and recruit the right people for each program.

Professional techniques utilized include patient referral cards, patient fax referral forms and referral coordination in primary care offices. Consumer techniques on the other hand use local marketing, websites, in house call center and paid search.

In an effort to support the company’s growth efforts and offer new revolving line for working capital and repay existing indebtedness, Nobilis closed a twenty five million US dollars debt financing facility with GE Capital, Healthcare Financial Services in 2015. This was one of the company’s early goals geared towards reduction of its borrowing costs while streamlining its capital structure at the same time. Additionally, the relationship provided an opportunity for anticipated growth through the remainder of 2015 and beyond.